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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  September 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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your first alert traffic. >> things are still moving along on the schuylkill. we have that 12 minute drive time if you're headed westbound right in here. blue route, average speed is 50 miles per hour. if you're in lower marion, mill creek road, watch out for an accident scene there. on 422, we haven't seen an increase in the drive times yet. we're still doing great. eight minutes headed eastbound to the schuylkill expressway. i sigh no problem there. coming up in the next ten minutes, there's a water main break in new jersey. i'll tell you where. tracy? >> well, if you notice a lot of extra traffic on your ride to work this morning, speaking of traffic, that's because school's back in session. >> you'll notice a lot of extra traffic. students ais krot area will go back to class. in pennsylvania they're doing so with the question of school funding still up in the air. we have live team coverage of the first day of school and the challenges facing teachers, students, and parents.
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and we begin with katy zachry live at carver high school in north philadelphia. katie? >> chris, the alarms are going off in just a couple hours if not earlier for so many students across the district. in philadelphia, more than 200 schools will be opening their doors in about an hour and a half. very similar to carver high school behind me in north philadelphia. now leading up to today, parents and students have been back to school shopping, getting all the item they need for their desks and classrooms. because spending cuts in the past mshgs philadelphia schools have come to rely on students to bring things like hand sanitizer and paper towels in on first day. in philadelphia, 140,000 kids return to the classroom today. and it's a bittersweet time for families. now here at carver high school, philadelphia school superintendent and mayor michael nutter will be here for a bell ringing sayer moany. then they'll have lunch at a middle school in elmwood and
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finish the day touring south philadelphia high school in south philly. they have a pretty packed day. this is exciting for the city and for so many families and also a day of a lot of nerves as well and getting up pretty early. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. school funding is one of the big sticking points in harrisburg as pennsylvania lawmakers and governor tom wolf continue to battle over the state's long overdue budget. pennsylvania has been without a budget for more than 68 days and that is creating a love the uncertainty as the new school year begins. our team coverage continues live in our operations center. zbh good morning. tom wolf was in our area yesterday. we got to ask him about where the budget negotiations currently stand. now here's what we know right now. the gop controlled senate will be back in session next week. republicans say they will pass a stopgap budget plan if they can't come to an agreement with wolf. one of the goals is to get money to counties and nonprofit organizations that deliver the
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state's safety net services. now the chester school district in delaware county has been hit particularly hard. the cash strapped district does not have money for this week's round of paychecks. teachers, bus drivers and secretaries did return to work last week, to school last week. they voted to keep working without pay. governor tom wolf said the new budget needs to invest in education. something he says the gop did not do in their budget proposal. >> we have to make sure that every child in pennsylvania has access to good education. that means we have to make sure they have the resources they need to deliver on that promise of good education. that june 30th budget i was presented with was a sham. it didn't balance. but even had it balanced, it didn't make an adequate inves investment in education. they released this statement saying this holiday season families all across our commonwealth are facing an
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uncertain future due governor tom wolf's refusal to enact a fiscally responsible budget that funds our schools and social services without raising taxes." now you can count on nbc 10 to stay on top of the negotiations in harrisburg and update you on any progress that may happen. live in the digital operation center, nbc 10 news. 5:04. a fire ripped through a home in north philly. firefighters were called around 2:15 this morning to grass street. everyone made it out of the home okay. in ocean county, a forest fire in manchester township may keep burning for a while. it's burning in a remote area near the burlington county line. it has already burned nearly 1,000 acres. there is threat to any property. >> the family that died in a murder/suicide will be laid to rest today. a man shot his parten in and two
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children last wednesday before setting their house on fire and killing himself. services for all four will be held in long branch this afternoon. police have not released a motive. a man is recovering this morning after being stabbed nine times in west philadelphia. police say the stabber robbed him of $20. police tell us it happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon near 49th and arch. police are still searching for that robber. a man raped a woman and tried to carjack a driver last night. police arrested the suspect. investigators say the woman was sitting in her car around 6:when the man forced her out of her car and sexually assaulted her. he then tried to carjack a nearby driver before they caught him. in delaware, police say a suspected drug dealer tried to run from them with his baby in his arms. here is the face behind that alleged crime. henry juanish is charged with child endangerment. officers say they approached him in new castle county after they
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saw him walking down the street. police say he was holding his daughter, baby daughter in his arms and he took off running. they say he ran to a house actually gave the baby to the mother and then they caught him. they say when they did, they found 92 bags of heroin. you see a photo there, along with other drugs. the child was not hurt. family services has been notified. preparing for the pope. today you can get tickets to seat pope. we're a little more than two weeks away from the visit in philadelphia. the pope's speech will focus on immigration. 10,000 tickets will be available. they are first come first serve with a limit of four per person only online sales. the online ticketing game was announced after people would not be able to get close to the pope without one. this map shows where the ticketed area will be. that is highlighted in red. coming up in about 20 minutes, nbc 10s matt delucia will
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explain how to get your tickets. again, they're free and when you can get your tickets to the papal mass. and that's what you're seeing the ticketed area there for. >> seven minutes after 5:00. the temperatures at this hour are coming down. but we're on our way to a hotter, more humid day. back in the 90s today. expecting to be in the 90s again tomorrow. we have a heat wave on our hands. but it comes to an end with showers and some thunderstorms later in the week. right now, 60s for mt. pocono. 65 degrees. it's also in the 60s in trenton at 67. 70 degrees if dover. this is a view from the cameras. no fog there. we'll keep an eye on the fog. the humidity is elevated in some areas. it's 100% in dover. 93% humidity in mt. holly. and 96% in pots town. so a steamy start and a hot, humid afternoon.
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satellite, no clouds around. we are in the clear. so sunshine will be ripe. you'll need sunglasses and find a shady spot if you can. in the shade, 93 degrees for fleetwood. morgantown, 92. 92 for bethlehem. middle 90s for new hope. and bright sunshine at the shore. it will be 80s, middle 80s for cape mae and rehoboth. and 94 with bright sunny skies and humid conditions for philadelphia, bethlehem. we see cooler weather ahead in time for the weekend. the seven day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> that's something to look forward to there. thank you, bill. 8 minutes after 5:00. you're looking forward to going back to work after that annoyingly long weekend, let's see how traffic is shaping up. >> let's make it good for you. let's get back to work. jessica boyington, let's get to work. >> we're not going to start this off with a bad note.
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so in camden, new jersey, approaching the ben franklin bridge this is right where admiral wilson runs into 676. so right behind actually is the ben franklin bridge. everything is moving along nicely. you'll have no problems getting into the city now. watch out also in new jersey for a water main break at route 130 southbound at route 90. that happened yesterday but we still have the right hand lane closed. watch out for police activity directing traffic around that scene. we have that made in america concert cleanup. watch out for detours around the area there. 18 through 25th street, that's behind the philadelphia museum of art. mass transit, currently no problems or delays. we'll have more drive times for you in the philadelphia area coming up. >> jessica, thanks. as students head back to school today, business owners at the jersey shore are counting their cash from the busy holiday weekend. we'll tell you how the season ended and what some shore towns
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are doing to keep business of the summer going just a little bit longer. plus this -- >> 100% but nobody really knows. >> confused and angry. a florida family says they got sick after having their home treated for termites. and now they're worried their son will never be the same. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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a wildfire that investigators think was
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intentionally set continues to grow in utah. officials say 100 acres are burning outside of salt lake city. they're having a tough time fight the flames. heavy wind is making it difficult to contain. no word on any structures are in danger or whether any evacuation orders have been given. the illinois police officer shot and killed in the line of duty was laid to rest yesterday. several hundred officers from around the country attended the funeral for lieutenant joe gliniewicz. thousand of people looked on from the roadside and applauded as the procession passed. gliniewicz was a 30 year veteran on the cusp from the retirement from the fox lake police department. he was shot and killed shortly after he radioed in he was chasing three suspicious men on foot. the search continues for those suspects. on a brighter note, a colorado woman walked into a police department yesterday with a simple request. she wanted a hug. the woman told police that she was very upset over the recent loss of many officers around the
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country. the department tweeted pictures of the exchange saying what a wonderful day to be working. a wonderful day in jackson, mississippi, too, after a 4-year-old boy who fell into a well with his dog are back on safe ground now. this was the scene around 70 miles south of jackson. the emergency rescue took several hours after the boy and his dog fell down a 25-foot deep well. now the hole was only about a foot and a half wide making it tough for less keyerescuers to out. he and the dog doing fine. we expect to learn more today about a plane crash that killed three people in north carolina. it happened yesterday around 80 miles north of charlotte. authorities say the plane took off from florida and was en route to greensboro when it crashi crashed into a rock quarry. a disturbing case for a 10-year-old employer boy. >> the boy is suffering brain damage and lost control of 90% of his body and it happened after his family's home was
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fumigated against termites. an exterminator told the family it was safe to return to their home in august. but hours after getting back home, the family said they all became sick. their son's symptoms got worse. they say now they're not sure if he'll ever be the same. but they're hoping for the best. >> we don't know if it's going to be 20% recovery or 50% or 80% recovery. we're hopeful it's 100%. but nobody really knows. >> miami dolphins football players surprised the boy yesterday with a visit to his hospital room. 5:15. the centers for disease control and prevention say the west nile virus is no longer a growing problem in the u.s. new research shows that while the disease is still an issue, the number of cases has remained the same -- remains stable. last year the cdc reported 2200 cases which does make it the most common mosquito borne illness in this country. there's no vaccine or specific treatment for west nile. here's a look at the number of cases in this region.
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there have been ten in pennsylvania, six in new jersey, and one in delaware. most people who are bitten by an infected mosquito never develop symptoms and less than 1% develop a serious neurological illness. 5:15 now from our jersey shore bureau. labor day marks the unofficial last weekend of summer. >> but with summer like temperatures sticking around and the super low gas prices, business owners are hoping people keep coming, especially in atlantic city where business has not been booming over the past few summers. >> atlantic city like it was known a few years ago. i think it's just that more people have casinos now and what atlantic city used to be, it's not anymore. everybody else is getting. >> coming up, we'll show you the big event that gave ac a big boost this summer. plus, the one thing business owners hope will keep tourists coming back at least for the next few weeks. >> time to chekt roads again. for those that take 422 every
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morning, we have something for you. >> our first alert traffic reporter is watching 422 for you. >> yep, we're on 422 now right around schuylkill road. so our camera is right above that scene. you can see the drive time we have no problems there. eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. the eastbound lanes are in here. you see tail lights headed to the schuylkill expressway, still no problem. there as for the drive times around the rest of the philadelphia area, we have no problems on southbound. a 13 minute trip. eastbound schuylkill, a 12 minute trip. no problems on the blue route. watch out in lower marion for an accident scene. and if you're heading home from the shore, waunt to wait another day later, route 9 and garden state parkway, 322 currently no problems. you can see the shore majors in the green. coming up in the next ten minutes or, so we'll check in with mass transit.
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>> 18 minutes after 5:00. it is a warm start. but our skies are clear. it's going to get hot in a hury. there's a live view from center city from the comcast center. 73 degrees. look at the humidity now. 84% and building in the area thanks to southwesterly winds at 7 miles an hour. the shore, that's going to be the place to be today to escape the high heat of the warm one. it will be sunshine in the 80s on the beach. looks like another great shore day. inland, we're in the 60s and 70s right now. it's a mix of 60s and 70s in cape mae. cape mae has reported 68 degrees. 60s in ocean view. atlantic city, the marina right now, 73. so we're starting off on the warm side for this time of year. and clear and dry. it won't need an umbrella today. that could change as early as tomorrow. line of showers, thunderstorms
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extends well into the midwest and into the plains. that's a possibility for us later tomorrow. those storm will be on the move. but the next 24 to 36 hours should be dry. this say future cast for 11:00 tomorrow morning. scattered clouds. another hot, humid day tomorrow. and you can see the scattered showers off to the northwest. they'll start moving in during the evening hours. isolated shower is possible in the allentown area at 7:00. and then that line of storms coming in during the late evening to midnight hour. the heavy downpours just outside of allentown in that area. we'll be swinging through philadelphia as well. and then thursday, pretty good chance you'll need your umbrella. watching another storm system this one is a tropical storm. it's not looking all that healthy. weaker than yesterday. now at 40 mile an hour winds. still moving to the west at 20 miles an hour. still could bring much needed rain this weekend to puerto rico. but additional weakening is
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expected. additional heat and humidity, that's what we'll see today. sunny skies, hot and humid. 90s this afternoon. southwesterly winds to 12 miles an hour. and those will be on duty tonight bringing in more humid conditions for tomorrow. steamier, 71 in the morning. 91 in the afternoon. isolated showers. most likely late on wednesday. a better chance you'll need your umbrella thursday with showers and thunderstorms. a high of 86 degrees thursday afternoon. 84 on friday. a few showers in the morning. that should be clearing out friday afternoon. a decent day saturday. partly sunny and 84. look at the cooldown for sunday. high of 79 degrees with a chance of some scattered showers. the nice and comfortable monday. up to 81. we're all looking forward to fall. i think we're looking forward to next summer, too, because of the summer game. rio 2016 organizing committee marked one year until the start of the olympic games with a festival yesterday showcasing various sports. the women's teams of brazil and the u.s. competed in a
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volleyball match. there were also demonstrations of wheelchair basketball and wheelchair fencing. raining cash, we'll tell you where money was literally falling from the sky and the tradition behind this celebration that many of us may want to be a part of. plus, nfl games, live concerts and prime time television. the experts at cnbc will introduce us to a new streaming video service that will allow you to tune in anywhere i go. don't forget to cast your vote for our high school football game of week. to vote, go to our website or call or text your vote. we'll announce the winner thursday night. nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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cash raining down from the sky in paraguay. this is part of a celebration of the birth of mary, the mother of jesus. people tossing cash from the mayor yif the nativity church. children waiting below were eager to snatch the bills. the tradition dates back centuries. >> 5:24. another company is joining the growing list of streaming services offered on mobile devices. landon dowdy is here with details in the business news. good morning. >> hey, tracy. good morning you to. verizon will reportedly announce
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today a free mobile streaming service. "the new york times" says it is aimed at millennials and is available to anyone even if they're not a verizon customer. content includes a mix of live tv shows such as concerts and nfl games and tv shows and original web series. and checking markets, wall street will look to recover some of the ground lost last week. futures are pointing to a sharply higher open. stocks ending lower on friday following the jobs report with the dow and nasdaq suffering the second worst week of the year. look for data this week on inflation and u.s. exports and the consumer. 273 points on friday to 1602. the nasdaq losing 49 to 4684. tracy, back over to you. >> thank you for the update. >> 5:25. 73 degrees. skies are clear. it is a hot one this afternoon. back into the 90s. but a bit more humid, too. 73 degrees currently here at nbc 10. it's a live view from center
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city. hard to make the traffic out from this vantage point. to jessica boyington is watching it with the traffic cameras this morning. how it is looking? >> it's looking clear so far, bill. we have no problems there. not a car in sight almost. headed northbound or southbound. and coming up at 5:30, we're going to check in with the ben franklin parkway and that cleanup for the made in america concert. >> good morning. i'm matt delucia, the first sest tickets to become available for the papal visit later on this month, we'll explain how to get the tickets coming up.
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just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. ticket time. count on nbc 10 for everything you need to know how to reserve your spot for the papal visit. >> and back to class today for students across the area. in a matter of hours, the bell will ring in a new school year. we'll tell what you schools if philadelphia and camden are doing to welcome students back. >> it's going to feel like summer as students head back to class. we have another hot and humid day ahead of us. already 73 degrees. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. >> i'm chris cato. yeah, the air conditioning systems in the school buildings will get a workout with students back in them today.
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bill henley is standing by with the first alert forecast. >> i think it will be hotter than yesterday. it's already more humid and temperatures are running warmer this morning than yesterday at this time. right now in philadelphia, it's dropped down overnight to 73 degrees. and still coming down. 66 degrees in potstown. 67 in trenton. wilmington is 69. humidity is elevated. so far, no sign of fog in the area. we may get our way with a fog-free morning. but not away from the heat and humidity. clear skies over center city. just a light breeze and that southwesterly wind that will be developing during the day will boost our temperatures. 82 degrees at 10:00. that's the normal high temperature for this time of year. but the heat still building at that hour. 90 degrees by 1:00. we'll top that 90-degree mark as we go into the afternoon hours for much of the area. the flast, neighborhood by


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